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Lot 356 – 1848 N-2 R1 PCGS MS66BN CAC. EAC MS64

Beautiful lustrous medium brown with a bit of prooflike flash thanks to a fresh die lapping. Generous mint red remains in the fields, about 15-20% overall. No marks or spots detract from either side and the eye appeal is outstanding. Among the finest known of the variety and has more mint red than the Naftzger coin that was called MS65 and finest known. One could make a case for a Gem grade for the present coin. M-LDS (c).

Lot 345 – 1843 N-10 R3 PCGS MS66BN. EAC MS63

Petite Head, Small Letters. A newly discovered example that sits right up among the finest known of the variety. Intense cartwheel luster and significant remaining mint red account for the lofty grade awarded by PCGS. The obverse is light olive brown with at least 10% original red while the reverse is at least 75% red, only toned on the highpoints. The only marks are a little scratch at star 4 and a fainter hairline inside stars 2-3. EDS (a).


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Lot 121 – 1794 S-33 R5+ PCGS G06. EAC G5

An exciting, recently discovered example of this coveted ’94 variety. Very appealing look for the grade thanks to the light brown color and lack of marks. Surfaces a little dull from light, even microporosity, but not rough enough to warrant a qualifier from PCGS. Adding to its appeal is the late die state, and has a strong enough reverse to display all 6 “wheelspokes” well. Will make a proud addition to an advanced 1794 collection. Only 6 graded at PCGS for the variety.

Lot 55 – 1797 C-1 R2 AU50

1 Above 1. A lovely high grade example of this popular variety. Little to no wear and there is sutble glossy luster to the surfaces. The obverse is chocolate brown and choice while the reverse is a bit darker - perhaps recolored on that side after a little work was done to the surface between OF and AMERICA for some unknown reason. Without the slightly unnatural look to that side this would easily qualify for a grade 5+ points higher. As it sits, this is a very desirable example that faces up among the very best known of the variety. Fairly late die state, Manley 4.0+, but better struck than the usual late state example. 92.9 grains.

Lot 71 – 1804 C-7 R4 XF40

Spiked Chin. A newly discovered example that is condition census caliber and one of the very best seen of the die state, Manley 5.0. Sharp detail of a 45 coin, glossy surfaces, and very few marks. Slightly mottled color with some orange hues suggesting an old cleaning, which accounts for the slight deduction in grade. Substantial eye appeal nevertheless. An exciting coin and one of the highlights among the half cents in this year’s sale.

Lot 27 -1787 Massachusetts Half Cent, Ryder 1-D, R4, PCGS MS62BN

An impressive uncirculated piece with glossy, reflective luster. Dark chocolate brown with hints of tan. A bit of rough planchet texture at the centers where the detail wasn’t fully struck from these deeply engraved dies. HALF CENT is mostly visible though and overall the strike is above average for the variety.

Lot 74

Lot 74 1819 Coronet Head Large Cent, Small Date, N-8, R1, MS62BN.

Lot 45

Lot 45 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent, Head of 1794, S-49, R2, ANACS VF35 details, scratched.

Lot 42

Lot 42 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent, Head of 1793, S-18b, R4, VF detail.

Lot 41

Lot 41 1793 Liberty Cap Large Cent, S-14, R5-, PCGS VG detail, environmental damage.