Choice glossy medium chocolate brown with hints of lighter brown toning in protected areas on both sides. The planchet quality is outstanding and the only marks are some tiny rim nicks or bumps, the notable ones being a light rim bruise right of the base of the Indian and a small rim nick at the C in MASSACHUSETTS. Nicely struck with a full belt on the Indian. Our grade is EF40, same as the PCGS grade. A very nice example of a variety that was missing from the Partrick Collection. The attribution and Twin Leaf Collection provenance are noted on the PCGS label. Weight 148.5 grains.

Ex Thomas L. Elder 10/17/1908:46-Hillyer Ryder-F. C. C. Boyd-John J. Ford, Jr., Stack’s 10/2004:125-Jack Wadlington (The Twin Leaf Collection), Stack’s Bowers 3/1/2019:8033 ($960)-George Trostel Collection

Certification # 688957.40/6663424




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