A “Slim Indian” variety. Slightly glossy dark chocolate brown and olive with lighter steel brown toning on the highpoints. The fields on the reverse (eagle side) are covered with reddish chocolate brown toning. Looks smooth to the unaided eye but a glass shows there is extremely fine roughness covering the surfaces, strongest in the fields on the reverse. Sharply struck with a full belt on the Indian and a strong shield on the eagle. The only notable mark is a shallow pit under the L in WEALTH. Our grade is EF40 sharpness net VF30+.

From the George Trostel Collection

Certification # 948.45/34842028

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1788-Massachusetts-Cent-Ryder-11-C-R5-PCGS-graded-XF45_i41781389



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