A “Slim Indian” variety. Frosty chocolate brown and steel with lighter reddish steel brown toning in some of the protected areas. There are no planchet flaws and the surfaces are smooth. The only notable contact marks are a few small rim bruises including two under the right side of the Indian and another over the second M in COMMON. Nicely centered and well struck. Our grade is VF35+. The attribution and Twin Leaf Collection provenance are noted on the PCGS label.

Ex Tony Terranova 2002-Jack Wadlington (The Twin Leaf Collection) Stack’s Bowers 3/1/2019:8044 ($720)-George Trostel Collection

Certification # 688352.35/36663300

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1788-Massachusetts-Cent-Ryder-11-F-R5-PCGS-graded-VF35_i41781392



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