Sharpness VF20 but there are nine dull dents or strong nicks on the reverse plus a couple rim dents, the strongest one right of the plow. Some of the dents on the reverse were strong enough to create minor bulges on the obverse. Otherwise the surfaces are mostly smooth and the toning is an attractive glossy chocolate brown with lighter brown toning on the highpoints. A minor planchet clip affects the dentils over the third A in CAESAREA (as struck). This piece was struck over a Connecticut copper and CONNEC is still visible at the bottom of the shield. Late die state with a strong cud break that obliterates the 8 and most of the first 7 in the date, and another cud break extends from the rim to below the end of the plow beam. The rest of the date is strong and the legends are complete. A neat die state. Weight 139.5 grains.




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