The details are at least 10 points sharper but the surfaces are covered with extremely fine granularity under rather glossy chocolate brown toning. The highpoints are a lighter shade of steel brown. Old, light scratches are present in the fields on both sides, but they do not break the toning. A planchet fissure at the top of the obverse, a chip on the rim at the top of the T in AUCTORI, and a chip at the bottom of the 5 in the date do catch your eye. The date is partial thanks to the planchet chips in that area but the legends are easily readable. The “African Head” is bold. Comes with an important provenance. Weight 151.7 grains.

Ex Hillyer Ryder-Frederick C. C. Boyd-Boyd Estate, Stack’s 6/8/1994:11 ($270, lot ticket included)-the Neil Rothschild Collection

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