1797 Over Reverse Brockage

Glossy olive brown and steel. Mostly smooth, just well worn with a few small contact marks. The obverse is a bit more detailed than the reverse, perhaps a 5/3 split. The date is clear and the 1 Above 1 feature is obvious. Early die state before any die cracks on the obverse. What makes this piece special is that it was struck twice. The first strike was a brockage impression of the reverse that was slightly off center; the second strike was normal but a bit off center to K-8. Incuse elements from the brockage impression are clearly visible on the obverse, particularly the denominator above ERT and ATES left of the lower curls. The only evidence of a first strike on the reverse is at AM, but the low grade probably accounts for the lack of an undertype (which should be a normal reverse).

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1797-C-1-R2-1-Above-1-G4_i41781474



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