1802/0 Over Spoiled Cent

Variety with the Reverse of 1803. Struck over a Spoiled Cent. Rather glossy dark chocolate brown and steel with peeps of lighter frosty tan in some of the protected areas. The surfaces are smooth, void of any hint of corrosion or verdigris and showing only trivial contact marks. The date is strong and the overdate feature is clear. The legends are complete except for weakness in some letters in HALF CENT. MDS, Manley state 3.0. The curl left of the date is incomplete but there is no die rust. This half cent was struck over a cut-down spoiled large cent. Undertype from the cent shows on the obverse where TE from STATES shows in the field before the face, the following S is partially visible on the mouth, and the O in OF is more clearly visible in the jawline. A nice lower-grade example of this overdate variety; the large cent overstrike is a bonus. Our grade is the same as the PCGS grade.

Certification # 1057.06/35724234

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1802-0-C-2-R3-Overdate-2-over-0-PCGS-graded-G6_i41781475



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