New Intermediate State of 1804 C-6

Glossy medium chocolate and olive brown with a splash of darker olive brown toning under the bust tip. No notable marks, just small nicks scattered over both sides. What makes this piece special is the die state. M-LDS, later than Manley state 9.5, earlier than his state 10.0. In addition to the cuds and cracks of state 9.5 there is a narrow cud break from the top of the second A in AMERICA to a dentil to the right plus a clearly raised retained cud break over the center of that C. These must have been precursors for the larger cud break over CA that is associated with Manley state 10.0. A great die state, possibly unique (at least we have never heard of another), and a prize for the serious collector of these popular C-6 die states. Our grade is VF20. The Spiked Chin feature is noted on the PCGS label.

Certification # 1075.30/33615437




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