1793 Wreath Cent over Obverse Brockage

Rather glossy medium steel brown and chocolate. The highpoints of the devices are smooth but minor roughness covers the rest of the planchet. No verdigris and the only contact mark is an old but obvious scratch that bisects the reverse from TA in STATES to CA in AMERICA. The date is weak but the 93 is easily readable and most of the legends are clear. The special feature of this cent is that it was struck two times. The initial strike was a reverse brockage. An incuse retrograde RIC is visible at D-STA with incuse dentils along the edge from the D in STATES to the second S in STATES. A remarkable early mint error in spite of the low grade. Mint errors of any kind on 1793 large cents are quite rare. The attribution and Mervis Collection provenance are noted on the NGC label, but they incorrectly called this an Obverse Brockage Error.

Ex Adam Mervis, Heritage Auctions 1/10/2014:2406

Certification # 3607955-001

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1793-S-6-R3-Wreath-Cent-NGC-Fine-Details-Environmental-Damage_i41781494



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