Sharp 1802 S-238

Glossy olive brown and chocolate with lighter steel brown toning on the highpoints. A sharp, attractive cent but there are some shallow pits in the hair at the back of the head, another over the 8, and one more on the edge under the 0 in the date, and most of the pits contain traces of greenish verdigris. In addition there are a few light scratches on both sides, strongest on the bust and inside the wreath. M-LDS, Breen state IV, with strong die clashmarks at LIBERTY and die cracks on the reverse. This cent is far from perfect but it is one of the sharpest examples known of this tough die variety. Our grade is EF40+ sharpness net VF20. The attribution and Ellsworth provenance are noted on the PCGS label.

Ex Colonel Steven K. Ellsworth Collection, Heritage Auctions 9/26/2013:4796

Certification # 36323.95/27450019




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