Finest State E of 1849 N-2

Choice lustrous medium brown and light chocolate. Sharply struck and very attractive, nearly flawless. The notable marks are a pair of small, light nicks under the eye, a shallow planchet flake between the brow and star 4, and a tiny spot of dark toning under the M in AMERICA. EDS but not quite the earliest, die state e, with crumbling that connects berry 3 to the tip of the leaf below, but without any crumbling on the left side of the N in ONE. Our grade is MS60+, tied for CC#14 in the Grellman census but finest of the die state. The attribution is noted on the PCGS label.

Ex Tom Reynolds, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 1/2016:822

Certification # 405637.64/33145763




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