Breen Plate Coin

The CONNLC variety. Glossy medium chocolate brown with lighter brown toning on the devices. The planchet is mostly smooth but there are parallel striations on both sides, strongest on the reverse. The striations run E-W on the obverse and N-S on the reverse due to the reverse being rotated 100 degrees clockwise from a normal head-to-foot die orientation. No verdigris or contact marks, just moderate wear on both sides. Struck a bit off center to K-11 leaving some elements off the planchet but the date is strong and nearly complete. The CONNLC feature is bold. This is the plate coin for the CONNLC variety in Walter Breen’s Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins (coin #862, page 76). Weight 143.5 grains.

Ex 1975 EAC Sale, Pine Tree Auctions, lot 296-unknown-Stack’s 9/1997:144




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