Extremely Rare 1788 Ryder 12-H

Rather glossy dark olive brown and steel with lighter chocolate brown toning on the devices. The surfaces are reasonably smooth but a glass reveals extremely fine granularity under the natural toning. No verdigris or contact marks but there is a shallow planchet lamination at MO in COMMON, a smaller one on the chest of the Indian, and a faint one at WEAL. The date and legends are complete and clear except for weakness at MON. The PCGS label calls this a “Stout Indian” variety. Although the Indian is a bit more robust than normal, the “Stout” adjective is more applicable to obverse 14 where the Indian is clearly outsized. Only 12 examples of this variety are known to us. It was missing from the landmark collections of Garrett, Norweb, Taylor, Ford, Newman, and Partrick. Another opportunity for the advanced collector to add a variety that has eluded some of the most-fabled collectors in generations. Our grade is F15 sharpness net VG10+. The attribution and Stout Indian feature are noted on the PCGS label.

From the George Trostel Collection

Certification # 718989.12/36882148

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1788-Massachusetts-Cent-Ryder-12-H-R7-PCGS-graded-F12_i41781393



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