Rare Terminal State Maris 48-g

Slightly glossy chocolate brown with lighter brown toning covering the devices giving this piece a classic “two-tone” appearance. The obverse is weaker than the reverse, perhaps a 3/5+ split. There is minor roughness in the fields on both sides and a few minor contact marks, but overall it is rather nice for a G4 New Jersey. The date is weak but readable and most of the legends are easily readable. What makes this piece special is the very late die state, the latest we have seen. There is a die crack arcing across the lower part of the reverse, strongest at the M in UNUM, and the section below this crack is sinking. Perhaps the dramatic failure of the reverse die is responsible for the weakness on the obverse. This die state was not represented in the Newman, Griffee, Barnes, Ford, or Norweb collections. In fact we have been unable to find another major collection that had an example of the die state. A great opportunity for a New Jersey specialist. Weight 139.0 grains.

Ex Silvertowne-Rodney C. Burress-Alan Anthony, 2009 C-4 Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 11/21/2009:248 (lot ticket included)

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1787-New-Jersey-Maris-48-g-R1-G4_i41781435



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