Rare Late State Maris 65-u

Sharpness VF25 but granular with specks of green verdigris in numerous small pits on both sides, mostly at the top of the reverse. A dull scrape under the second E in CAESAREA is the only contact mark. Dull dark steel and olive brown with lighter brown toning in some of the protected areas. Probably cleaned and retoned long ago. The date and legends are complete and clear except for the tops of a few letters above the shield because that side is misaligned to K-1. Late die state with a strong die crack from the rim up to the plow handles, a strong crack at OVA, and a rather large internal cud break at the chest of the horse. Not a pretty piece but the die state is special. Weight 166.8 grains.

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1788-New-Jersey-Maris-65-u-R3-F12_i41781447



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