Extremely Rare Newman 13-N

A “STATES UNITED” variety. Glossy tan and light brown with some darker olive brown toning in protected areas on the reverse. Possibly lightly cleaned long ago but the toning is attractive. The surfaces are quite nice, nearly smooth with just a hint of microscopic granularity in the fields and protected areas. The only marks are some faint hairline scratches lost in the rays left of the sun. Struck slightly off center to K-1 leaving a few of the sun rays off the planchet. The lower edge of the obverse is softly struck leaving parts of BUSINESS weak or unreadable, perhaps a result of die failure at the opposing area on the reverse. This extremely rare variety was missing from the Ford, Newman, and Partrick collections, and it is superior to the Norweb example. At least comparable to the Newman plate coin. This is a new discovery and will be a prize for the advanced collector of this very popular series. Weight 142.5 grains.

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1787-Fugio-Cent-Newman-13-N-R7-VF30_i41781464



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