Extremely Rare 1852 Second Restrike

Sharply struck and free of spots or other distracting marks, but this piece was chemically cleaned and has retoned frosty golden tan with sea-green overtones, especially on the reverse. The only identifying marks are a dull nick on the rim at star 11 and a small planchet chip on the edge just right of the second S in STATES (as struck). The fields are frosty, not reflective, a result of the chemical cleaning. Not perfect but good enough to pass muster at NGC. The Second Restrike variety of 1852 is much rarer than the First Restrike, and Breen was able to trace only 5 pieces with two others reported but unverified. The legendary Missouri Cabinet contained three examples of the First Restrike but only one of the Second Restrike. An important opportunity for the advanced collector of half cents. Our grade is net Proof-55.

Certification # 3655057-003

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1852-Second-Restrike-Proof-Breen-1-C-R7-NGC-graded-Proof-62-Brown_i41781492



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