1793 Wreath Cent with Straight-Edge Clip

Variety with a Single Leaf following DOLLAR on the Edge. Glossy medium brown delicately woodgrained with darker chocolate and olive brown. The surfaces are reasonably smooth with only microscopic granularity visible under magnification, strongest in the center of the reverse. The only significant contact mark is a dull rim nick before the neck, and there is a small planchet chip in the hair near the neck (as struck). MDS, Breen state III, with die clashmarks before the face. The planchet was cut at the end of the planchet strip leaving an obvious beveled straight-edge clip behind the head. The date and legends are complete and clear, the clip affecting only the border beads in spite of its relatively large size. The edge lettering is complete except for the R in FOR and the following A. The rest of the edge lettering is clear, unaffected by the clip. Another neat mint error on a 1793 Wreath Cent.

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1793-S-11c-R3-Wreath-Cent-with-Lettered-Edge-VG10_i41781495



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