Condition Census 1847 N-6

Frosty light olive and steel brown with 30% of the planchet showing mellowed mint red. The only notable mark is a tiny speck of carbon left of star 5. MDS, die state b. The repunching left of the base of the 4 is gone but the short die line from the dentils right of star 6 is sharp. Our grade is MS60+, tied for CC#6 honors in the Grellman census. Comes with a very nice provenance.

Ex Charles J. DuPont (Anderson DuPont Sale), Stack’s 9/24/1954:880-Louis Helfenstein, Lester Merkin 8/14/1964:239-Lester Merkin 9/1970:132-Bowers & Ruddy 10/6/1977:959-Auction ’86 (Paramount), lot 1534-Walter Dudgeon, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 7/30/1994:267-Dr. Wallace Lee, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 5/2001:1295

Certification # 58693-703




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