Equal Finest 1850 N-4

Lustrous light olive and steel brown with 10-15% of the planchet showing mint red. The surfaces are satiny and virtually flawless. The only marks, and they are barely visible, are a microscopic planchet flake between the 1 and star 1 and a pair of tiny puffs of darker bluish steel toning in the dentils at star 3. E-MDS, die state a, with a dull vertical die line up from the upper right point of star 9 to the dentils above. Previously removed from an NGC slab graded MS64RB (NGC label #601612-004). Our grade is MS63, tied for CC#1 honors for the variety in the Grellman census. The attribution and Great Pacific Collection provenance are noted on the PCGS label.

Ex Thomas D. Reynolds 2000-Elmer Guthrie (The Great Pacific Collection), Goldbergs 2/16/2020:271

Certification # 405874.065/38089298

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1850-N-4-R1-PCGS-graded-MS65-Brown_i41781561



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