Ten points sharper but planchet chipping covers much of the upper part of both sides (as struck). In addition there are numerous mostly vertical scratches on Britannia. The scratches are difficult to see without a glass and they do not affect the eye appeal (the scratches were not mentioned in the description of this piece in the Ford sale). Mostly glossy medium brown blending to light chocolate. There are a few puffs of darker toning on the highpoints of the obverse plus a spot of reddish brown toning under the R in AUCTORI. Nicely centered on the planchet. The date is strong as are most of the legends not affected by the chipping. The variety is noted in the left obverse field using white ink and there is indistinguishable writing in similar ink on the edge. A minor curved planchet clip shows at the shoulder and the opposing rim over ND in INDE. Comes with a nice provenance. Weight 128.1 grains.

Ex Charles Steigerwalt 9/1895-William Wallace Hays-unknown-John J. Ford, Stack’s 5/10/2005:496

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1788-Connecticut-Miller-15-2-P-R5-DBL-VF20_i41781352



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