The Partrick 1788 Ryder 1-B

Glossy medium brown and light chocolate blending to olive brown in the most-protected areas. The surfaces are smooth except for a couple thin diagonal planchet striations at WEALTH, and there are a few tiny specks of glue adhering in protected areas. Sharply struck with crisp details on the waist of the Indian and on the opposing shield. HALF CENT is bold. Later die state with a vertical crack through the second 8 in the date and other cracks at SA in MASSACHUSETTS. Our grade is AU50. Comes with a nice provenance. The attribution and New Netherlands-Partrick Collection provenance are noted on the NGC label.

Ex New Netherlands Coin Co. 4/1972:737-Donald Groves Partrick, Heritage Auctions 1/8/2015:5689-George Trostel Collection

Certification # 2048906-018




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