Extremely Rare 1787 R 4-J Ex Twin Leaf

Lightly cleaned and retoned a slightly glossy golden tan and light olive. The planchet is reasonably smooth but there is an obvious void or delamination from the C in COMMON to the Indian’s waist. Otherwise the surfaces look nice to the unaided eye, but a glass reveals extremely fine roughness in the obverse fields. No verdigris. The only contact marks are some faint scratches in the fields on both sides and a minor rim bruise at K-4 on the reverse (eagle side). The date and legends are complete and clear. No more than a half dozen examples of this variety are known to us, and it was missing from such advanced collections as Garrett, Taylor, Ford, and Newman. The Partrick example was sharper but damaged, and this piece is comparable to the Norweb coin (called “possibly second finest” in the 3/24/1988 Norweb catalog but a couple more have been uncovered since then). A very rare opportunity for the advanced collector of this popular series. Our grade is consistent with the PCGS grade. The attribution and Twin Leaf Collection provenance are noted on the PCGS label. Weight 147.3 grains.

Ex Tony Terranova 2012-Jack Wadlington (The Twin Leaf Collection), Stack’s Bowers 3/1/2019:8024 ($4200)-George Trostel Collection (Terranova envelope and lot ticket included)

Certification # 688950.10/36663417

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1787-Massachusetts-Cent-Ryder-4-J-R7-PCGS-graded-VG10_i41781374



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